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Blood clumping by WiFi and influence the pandemic

Version 12 of 04.01.2021

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As an EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitive) sufferer I have persevered to find out the cause of my complaints related to numbness and strange tingling in my feet. I have consulted with many experts in the field. My 40 years of experience as an electrical engineer helped me to understand the influence of radio frequency exposure. It was not until 2018 that through a professional measurement of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields), at my home, that I became aware of the cause of my suffering. With the elimination of all radio signals and later with shielding of the bedroom (Faraday cage) by building ?biological“protective barriers,?”I felt better for the first time. With a year of medically supervised elimination with zeolite powder and spirulina algae and alkaline food consumption, I feel much better today. At work I had been exposed to clocked EMF signals for 40 years. In the military as an M-Flab equipment mechanic I had been exposed to strong radar signals for 17 years. It wasn’t until 2012, after exceedingly high exposure to 300 radios operating in close proximity at my workplace, that the numbness of my toes began to appear. I never had any symptoms before that. With the 4G cell phone in my pocket, the strain became more apparent in 2015. Today I still feel the tingling in my feet and fortunately no longer as painful. Conventional doctors have been able to explain the cause of my EHS. This is only my testament! I consulted with Dipl. naturopath Urs Feller from Gersau, and he provided some relief!

Blood clotting due to radio signals

With an active cell phone on the ear or on the body, red blood cells form clumps, called “money roll.” As a result, the finest capillaries (blood veins) do not get a sufficient supply of oxygen in the blood. In essence, the clumped red blood cells do not get into the thinnest blood veins (capillaries).  SRF Puls is now interested in the thesis and I will attempt to demonstrate in this document that radial “electromagnetic radiation?’ can change or transformthe blood. Companies have developed magnetic field therapy devices that produce a special slow signal form, so that clumped blood cells can dissolve and get back into the finest capillaries. A reliable measurement of good blood flow in the capillaries can only be observed with a micro camera. It is not the magnetic field brings a dissolution of the blood lumps, but the special signal form is the active substance and the magnetic field serves only as the transmission of the oscillation. The Bemer Company in Lichtenstein, as well as others, have applied this knowledge. It shows, in the film, how the blood in a large, a medium and a very thin capillaries is activated and promotes fast blood flow. Many red blood cells and some white blood cells at the edge are clearly visible. After 10 minutes of treatment, 30% more oxygen can be measured in the blood. One treatment lasts 14 hours. I do not want to advertise a particular company, but it is a clear proof that with the right electro-magnetic signal, the  blood stagnation “clots” are dissolved. For further analysis and amplification, watch the clip on YouTube.   https://youtu.be/K3nv2S-skI0

Oxygen deficiency

Non perfused fine lung veins (capillaries) absorb less oxygen. That is why blood thinning helps, especially in covid patients. And lungs that are not adequately perfused do not tolerate artificially supplied oxygen, which has a negative effect if it cannot be removed as well. Viewing with microfilms is possible only in a few special places in the body (oral mucosa or intestine), but unfortunately, not in the lungs. Specialized physicians and immunologists with highly complex knowledge are available, however, clumping of the blood due to EMF exposure is never considered. Attempts are made to give as much oxygen as can be tolerated to severely affected covid patients. But what good does it do if the finest capillaries in the lungs are not well perfused? As far as I know, conventional medicine does not generally look at blood clumping in the capillaries with microfilms. But a dramatic and significant reduction of EMF exposure would quickly bring relief.

My recommendations for hospitals

Reduce the EMF emissions in the room of  Covid patients below 10mV/m. This is well and easily measurable with a device with an external antenna. Also treat gasping patients additionally with a Bemer device. I am confident that the patients would feel a significant improvement in less than an hour. As a result of the short treatment with a good magnetic field device, the oxygen content in the blood stream will measurably increase by 30%, even without supplemental oxygen. Family physicians were surprised to discover that patients suddenly had 30% more oxygen in their blood after the magnetic field application. With supplemental oxygen, the increase in oxygen levels in the blood stream would probably be higher. Caregivers and visitors should then be admonished that entry into the patient’s room can only be allowed with cell phones in airplane mode. Patient should also be admonished that any phone calls should only be made with via wired connection land phones. In Sweden, there are hospitals that have radio-free patient rooms. For further guidance in a setting up a radio-free room, consult with Swedish authorities. By the way, in Sweden EHS is a recognized disease.

Immune system

In case of a virus attack, the innate immune defense is activated first. This rapid reaction force with T-cells recognizes microbes and viruses and destroys them. When this occurs, if not enough free blood cells penetrate the capillaries, the immune defense system overshoots. The acquired immune defense then comes into action. The lymphocytes multiply enormously within days. Part of the organs with the finest capillaries then do not receive T cells. By dissolving the blood clumping (clots?) the organism would again be able to generate energy everywhere. Blood clotting is nowadays apparently most effectively achieved with blood thinners or other chemical substances, but it does not eliminate the actual cause. You will obtain better results with a reduction of permanent EMF exposure. I recommend the natural variant.

Building materials of the DNA

For years, ferritin, B12 and vitamin D3 have been increasingly administered. This may be related in time to the increase in EMF exposure. 4G cell phones and the numerous new antenna sites in recent years have increased markedly. Ferritin changes its structure under EMF. It can take up less oxygen atoms when converted to iron and together with B12 it will supply the cells with oxygen less efficiently (simplified explanation). Science can also explain protein changes and DNA breaks by EMF. My exposure to strong EMF levels, led to much lower levels of vitamin D3 and B12. The deposits of these vitamins could no longer be built up naturally. I had to take high levels of vitamin D3 and inject B12. I suspect that EMF lowers the formation of these substances.

Cell phone radiation destroys sperm

Men should never put their cell phones in their pockets! Researchers at the University of Newcastle have discovered that a cell phone carried near the testicles causes the number of sperm to shrink continuously and, much worse, even the DNA can be permanently altered. Therefore, men who carry their cell phones in their pockets risk massive damaged to their sperm and reduce fertility significantly. Fertility experts say that just one hour of cell phone radiation close to the body is enough to literally “cook” sperm. See: https://www.chip.de/video/Studie-Handystrahlung-zerstoert-Spermien-Video_99895194.html

Cells understand radio

Scientists for decades have researched how cells; cell walls and cell arrangements change under radio signals. Cells are getting better and better at resonating with the ever-increasing frequencies and constantly changing. A cell is physically constructed like an RC element. Outside and inside is a conductor of electrically conductive fluid. The cell wall is electrically non-conductive, i.e. highly resistant. This arrangement corresponds to a RC element, is a resonant circuit. Each resonant circuit can resonate with an externally induced frequency. Depending on the cell type, the characteristics are different and respond to different frequencies. I would have liked to have this fact clarified by scientists. Scientists explain quite differently and in greater detail how cells, proteins, DNA and other building blocks of life, can be altered over time by minute radio signals. These are longer-term studies and are certainly difficult to clarify and will take a lot of time to research.

 WLAN and Schumann waves

WLAN devices pulse with 10Hz the high 2.4 or 5GHz frequencies. The WLAN seeks the end devices with 10Hz. Prof. Karl Hecht explains how this disturbs the natural Schumann wave. Without Schumann waves we could not live. The 10Hz pulsation of the WLAN signal is an impulse, but not a sine wave and it disturbs all life processes. It is profoundly harmful to health, and it is analogous to the pain memory since WLAN pulsation stresses memory resulting from permanent long-term exposure. The elementary frequency of the Schumann wave is 7.83 Hertz. Humans need Schumann waves, as it corresponds to frequencies in the human brain. The measurement of the brain waves of a human seen through an electro encephalograph (EEG), can determine that the brain produces electromagnetic waves that are in the range between 1 and 40 Hertz. Research has shown that the Schumann frequency is in exact resonance with the hippocampal frequency of humans and all mammals. The absence of these oscillations can cause disturbances in the general condition of a person and can cause drowsiness, headaches, pulse changes and breathing changes. A permanent WLAN pulsation has a long-term effect on our pain memory. This means that even if WLAN is switched off, the strong stress effect remains (statement by Prof. Karl Hecht). As an EHS patient with decades of exposure to HW developing open unshielded circuits, I now know that it takes years for symptoms to appear. Alleviation of symptoms took two years and now with the measures described in Eingans, and they will probably never go away completely.

Radio sources add up

If there are several cell phones in close proximity of 1-2m, the sum of all EMF peaks has an effect. This is my sensation limit. It results in a higher frequency, like a microwave oven with low power. The random waveforms of nearby cell phones can never have similar signal sequences as the therapy devices, that’s why the blood clots. If a strong clocked EM field prevails day and night, our organism cannot regenerate properly while sleeping. Doctors therefore recommend switching off cell phones and WLAN at night.

Legal limit definition NISV explained for laymen

The clocked cell phone signals of the newer generations have very high and extremely short voltage peaks (electric field). This results in almost no heat generation, but an extremely strong EMF pulse on the cells and thus on the nerves. On average, the heat load is far below the legal NISV value. Only this is of no use! The bad thing is that all nearby cell phone signals and many other radio devices add up and thus generate a much higher frequency on the cells. The federal government is still considering to release the frequencies above 5 to 26GHz. The sum of all nearby clocked radios results in a much higher frequency and acts like a microwave oven with low power. This results in a special load on the cells. This electrotechnical connection is probably known to very few politicians, doctors, and virologists. To the pulsed EMF peaks of the cell phones add primarily the signals of the DECT phones, WLAN and the hidden Bluetooth. In the crowded trains and buses, the radio signals add up, they are reflected in the vehicle walls and remain partly inside. There is a hopeless “salad” of high frequencies there.

Cell phones have a typical EMF of 600mV/m to 2000mV/m (2V/m). You can convert the units to W/m2. In Switzerland we use the clearer unit in V/m. Building biologists recommend a maximum of 10mV/m for sleeping and around 60mV/m for working.


Unfortunately, the legal “Non Ionizing Radiation Protection Ordinance” NISV only considers the heat impact on our body and not a change or transformation of the cells. Many politicians and “dependent” scientists only stick to the NISV regulation and consider EMF as controversially discussed. But, who is probably right? There are many technical books, which explain an influence of EMF on every living organism. More than 400 scientists have endlessly questioned the WHO to correct and lower or change the limit value definition. But this would mean a complete transformation of behavioral change of all of mankind in its entirety. As a result, many cell phones in close proximity and the endless antenna sites from different providers, in parallel operation, would no longer be allowed. For a correct limit value, the height of the EMF peaks would have to be limited. Cells, however, already understand small external voltage peaks of electric fields, especially if they are in most cases larger than the own signals.

Literature, Sources

A new technical book by Thomas Cowan is: Cancer and the New Biology of Water. He focuses on cancer research, but explains the connections of why cancer is caused by clumping of cells-?and with much water structures. He also makes it makes it clear why money rolls form on red blood cells under cell phone and other toxic influences. The charge on the cell membrane is disturbed, and as a result the individual cell no longer maintains its healthy distance from the neighboring cell. However, money roll formation is also produced by various other influences, including fluid deficiency or certain tropical diseases.

The following links are sources of information on EMF effects:

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Causes Analysis to Pandemic

It is obvious that medicine and politics have no explanations for the strange occurrences. Maybe inclusion and discussion of EMF exposure could give answers? But EMF exposure is never considered! A serious discussion and analysis would have to consider all influencing parameters. After 40 years of analytical troubleshooting, I have seen again and again that with a correct interpretation of all possible parameters, the actual cause of a problem became clearer. Urgently also analysis of the EMF influence should be considered. Unfortunately, multiple exposure from cell phones and antennas is completely omitted or ignored by law. Each radio transmitter is considered in isolation instead of the sum of all. My personal experience and the decrease of my EHS complaints, identify and point to the fact that EMF is primarily the cause.

Covid Case Numbers

Recurrent Covid illnesses could be explained by recurrent continuous exposure to multiple radio frequency sources. Did covid contagion drop to almost zero in the spring of 2020 because mass gatherings were prevented and fewer radio exposures occurred, even though hardly any masks were worn? This question cannot be answered conclusively. In the fall, people were again gathering everywhere in public transportation and stores, and even more so with masks. Is it possible that the increased multiple exposure to EMF sources nearby caused the infection numbers to skyrocket in autumn, despite the widespread wearing of masks? With certainty there are other parameters that must be considered as causes for the rise in infection rates.

Suggestion for cell phone use

I recommend that improvement and recovery of health for the people and the economy, to drastically limit the use of cell phones and if possible to turn off all EMF sources at home and in enclosed areas and to limit the use of the internet through cable only, as I have done. There are 5% EHS sensitive people worldwide and many avoid EMF exposure with great restrictive limitations as well as financial expense. Perhaps these people would never be infected with covid, provided other conditions are optimal!  A full study and research of this would be worthwhile.

My expectations

I am hopeful that our politicians, especially from the cantonal medical team in the canton of Zug, will consider my analysis and statements and move forward with the implementation of my suggestions. I would also like to be able to further discuss and analyze my theories and recommendations to provide and disseminate more information. I am not alone in suggesting and perhaps proving that significant exposure to radio frequencies as one of the causes of many illnesses. We are all concerned and would like to be able to end the pandemic as soon as possible.